May 19, 2015 06:17 PM by Jeff Cook

The APPA Lineworkers Rodeo is the ultimate venue for utility workers to showcase their skills and knowledge. This year it was hosted by SMUD, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, and held at Gibson Ranch on May 16th. Journeyman and apprentice lineworkers competed in 10 separate events such as the Hurtman Rescue, Deadend Transfer, and 4kV Crossarm Changeout. However, the Rodeo is not all about the competition, it also helps bring Lineworkers together in order to attend training courses and practice safety, exactly what EVALS prides itself on.

SMUD Lineman Rodeo 3 EVALS partnership with SMUD has brought forth a new era in the use of our product, enabling utility companies to train their employees in a more efficient manner. We were honored to share booth space with them at the Rodeo and meet some great attendees from all over the world. Many of those that visited us in the booth saw great value in EVALS as they too are searching for ways to bring technology to training in the utility industry. EVALS is proud to be a partner in the courses offered by SMUD Power Academy (SPA) as they bring their world class training to other utility districts and happily take us along with them. SMUD recently completed its two-week Climbing School using the EVALS platform, customized to their needs, and it was a great success for students and instructors.

SMUD Lineman Rodeo 4

We would like to thank all parties involved, including SMUD, SPA, APPA, and those of you who stopped by the booth.

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EVALS, with our partners, Tablet Command and Wolfpack Solutions, will be in Booth #1803 

Come see how collectively we are "turning tablets from toys... into tools", and how EVALS is bettering the Fire Service for our brothers and sisters.

While at the booth, make sure to enter to win an iPAD!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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