Skills Development and Assessment—Mobilized

EVALS is the most dynamic mobile skills assessment and tracking solution for public safety, providing students and instructors with powerful tools to enhance learning and performance.

Video Assessments

Record, stream, upload and review videos to reinforce the knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs associated with the proper process.

Field Assessments

Design realistic scenarios and situational evaluations that help students develop the specialized skills needed to be effective in the real world.

Progress Tracking

Track on-the-job training hours and performance requirements using our unique Digital Taskbook and Time Tracking modules.

Multiple Modules

Select the components you need to streamline and simplify your training evaluations, including Digital Taskbook, an embedded events calendar, attendance and time tracking, private message boards, academic testing and more.

Mobile Accessibility

Access the platform from anywhere via a web-enabled device and use the iOS app to perform field and video assessments without an internet connection.

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