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EVALS was developed in 2013 when Captain Matt Cole of Sacramento Metro Fire paired up with a long-time family friend, software developer Jake Toolson, to help develop a smarter training tool.

They started with the idea that there is a better way to administer training in a more transparent and consistent fashion. They developed EVALS though a grassroots effort, bringing together many of the leading fire instructors in California and applying the latest concepts in software as a service (SaaS) and mobile technology. EVALS developed into a dynamic field skills solution that helps fire departments, colleges and training academies develop better performing students.

In 2017, EVALS was acquired by Praetorian Digital, extending the company’s popular LMS platform and online learning content library. The integration of EVALS and Praetorian’s FireRescue1 Academy created the first complete training management solution for public safety that combines online learning content, training workflow and training event management with skills development tracking.

In 2019, Praetorian Digital merged with the leading public safety policy and policy training company, Lexipol. The combined company continues to support EVALS and looks forward to expanding the capabilities and reach of the EVALS tool.

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