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Folsom, California

2013 - EVALS was developed out of necessity within the fire service when firefighter Matt Cole paired up with a long time family friend, software developer Jake Toolson, to help develop a smarter training tool.

They started with the idea that there is a better way to administer training in a more transparent and consistent fashion. As the tool took shape more people were welcomed to the team to help create and develop EVALS software into a dynamic skills based Learning Management System.

The team has a wide array of experience in various fields such as, firefighting, EMS, law enforcement, energy, education, construction, and IT. This has helped ensure we were able to develop a product that is efficient at all levels within an organization, department, and college.

The EVALS team is committed to successful student development, because we are all students in our respective industries. In addition, we understand the importance of quality instruction as some of us have and continue to teach. This collaboration of instructors and teachers has helped in developing a tool that benefits students, instructors, administrators, and the organization.

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