April 24, 2015 11:37 AM by Matthew Cole

On April 16th, 2015, EVALS teamed up with Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District in order to showcase the EVALS platform in a Fire Academy setting. This joint effort had a great turnout -  26 individuals from 12 different agencies including Sacramento Police Department, Modesto Junior College, Southern Marin Fire Protection District, San Jose Fire Department, Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST), Los Angeles County Fire Department, to name a few.

The morning began with our CEO and co-founder, Matt Cole, describing why the EVALS platform was developed, how EVALS started, and the direction EVALS is headed. From there, Evals COO, Mike Johnson, described some of the key functions EVALS current customers and partners are utilizing and the benefits these have created for their students.

The Staff/Evaluator views on the platform were shown on the iPad browser, and through our native app. After a brief instructional period, the entire presentation was moved outside where participants could not only watch the program being used by the Metro Fire Academy Cadre but were given the opportunity to use the iPad Application themselves; seeing first hand why EVALS is being sought after by so many different groups and agencies.

The demonstration was moved back into the classroom, where our participants were able to see the Administrator's view, along with the records and videos of the evolutions they had just scored out on the drill ground.

Lunch was catered by the Squeeze Inn…and once everyone managed to chip the cheese off their faces and hands, we found ourselves back inside for questions and answers.

We will be conducting another EVALS Demo Day in Southern California in the near future. If you wish to attend, please get in contact with an EVALS Representative. or 1.844.55.EVALS



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