November 02, 2014 03:15 PM by Jake Toolson

The importance of leveraging existing technology provides a greater opportunity with fewer bottlenecks - both in cost and implementation.

Since inception, EVALS.NET has been accessible to anyone with an internet connection and web browser.  No installations or extra components are required to fully utilize all the modules, capabilities, services, and features of the EVALS service.

To focus on one feature provided, video recording, we utilize whichever existing web browser you use and video camera.  We have researched and realized the various limitations of certain browsers and platforms and identified a cross-browser/cross-platform compatible solution, leveraging existing HTML5 and javascript technologies within the browser.  We've even taken this feature to a new level by developing a native iOS iPad application which makes capturing of multiple videos just as easy with even more abilities including picture-in-picture and offline recording.

As we continue to add new features while modifying and enhancing existing ones, we will strive to make the most of utilizing and leveraging technologies already used by our customers - whether administrators, staff, or students.

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