April 20, 2015 04:23 PM by Matthew Cole

EVALS has placed its roots in the City of Folsom, embroidered with rich history dating back to the Gold Rush, first railroads, and early transmission of electricity. This vibrant community filled with an array of activities has helped EVALS attract talented people to join its team. With a multitude of high tech firms setting up primary or secondary locations, EVALS has joined the ranks of Intel, Micron Technology, Meridian Systems, and L-3 Communications, in the Folsom area.

The Folsom Historic District offers great restaurants, bakeries, pubs, antique shops, and events, that adds another layer of energy and enjoyment to an already energized team. A perfect example of this dates back to our holiday party that concluded with ice skating in the pouring rain. Although, not ideal conditions, it was still a great opportunity for our families and friends to revel in each others company.

Our location has been instrumental in moving forward with strategic partnerships with other businesses and clients alike, forging bonds with SMUD, Wolfpack Solutions, Apple, GoPro, and many more. EVALS is an organization that is cloud based with members and partners all over the world, but finds itself thriving in the community of Folsom.


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After returning from three days on the road visiting Apple stores in Salt Lake City, Rancho Cucamonga, and Newport Beach, EVALS  could not be more excited about the future of technology and the benefits a mobile workforce will realize by taking advantage of these advancements.

By working closely with Apple, our partner, Wolfpack Solutions, has been able to identify significant improvements ...

Tips and Tricks, How Sacramento City uses EVALS

As a probationary Firefighter, one of my weekly assignments was to grab a random tool from the engine and bring it into the day room, where my crew would quiz me on all of it's possible uses.

I would be able to come up with most, if not all of the obvious uses, and maybe a few other “off-label” uses, then my crew would proceed to “drop their knowledge” on me: As through years of ...

Leveraging existing technology

The importance of leveraging existing technology provides a greater opportunity with fewer bottlenecks - both in cost and implementation.

Since inception, EVALS.NET has been accessible to anyone with an internet connection and web browser.  No installations or extra components are required to fully utilize all the modules, capabilities, services, and features of the EVALS service.

To ...

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